These new imaging filters from MidOpt can be mounted on the lenses of modified cameras used for precision agriculture.

Palatine, Ill. (January 19, 2017) – MidOpt announces the availability of three new imaging filters primarily intended for blocking unwanted near-infrared light. Filters include: SP635 Absorptive Visible Shortpass/Near-IR Block Filter, SP644 Near-IR/Mid-Red Dichroic Block Shortpass Filter, and AB555 Acrylic Absorptive Near-IR/UV-Block Visible Bandpass Filter. Mounting solutions are available to help customize any imaging application. MidOpt’s unique filter mounting options include: Standard […]

Source: NEW IR-Block/Visible Transmitting Optical Filters

NASA and Near Space Corporation (NSC) used a UAV as a High Altitude Shuttle System (HASS).

Drone Flight Tests FAA’s Technologies for Spacecraft Re-entry


A drone released from a high-altitude balloon carried a payload to evaluate how the equipment could help the FAA detect and track commercial spacecraft entering the National Air Space, NAS, as it descends from space.

Source: Drone Flight Tests FAA’s Technologies for Spacecraft Re-entry

Drone repair shops, a growing business.

Drone Repair Shops – Unmanned Systems Source


Today, thanks to a continued decrease in price, drones are now a fairly mainstream product. The skies, which were once the domain of experienced pilots, are filling with newbie operators trying their hand at drone flight. As such, some have discovered that “ready-to-fly” – as many drones are marketed – can really mean, “ready-to-crash”.  Of …

Source: Drone Repair Shops – Unmanned Systems Source